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Since 2015, we’ve delighted our customers with, delicious food and exceptional service. Let us share with you and your guests the Po Green's  experience.

Providing food memories both cherished and new in Every Bite.


with a 

Southern Touch

Po' Green's provides authentic Southern American Cuisine, specializing in traditional Southern Food and Barbecue.  Simply put, some real down home cooking with some Southern hospitality.  


Our food specialty has been designed through generational dishes from across the southern states with tradition of soul food at its finest and a growing reputation of the best barbecue this side of the Shenandoah.   

Po' Green's offers Catering Service from the Shenandoah Valley.  Providing Southern hospitality throughout Northern Virginia, Central Virginia and the  DMV.  

​Let Po' Green's assist you in making your next occasion the very best. 


We bring our passion and culture in preparing "the" American food, Southern Style Barbecue, to you.  

The origin of barbecue is dated back to the early 1500’s during the New World Era. Barbecue sauce emerged to add taste and flavor to the pit smoked meats in the 17th century with the early colonization.  As our Flag represents our country and the Bald Eagle our Bird, Barbecue is the food that represents birth of a nation.  With cooking techniques of smoked meat by the Native Americans, to the Mustard and Pepper seeds farmed by Europeans, to the craft of combining fresh, herbs, spices and juices to create basting and flavorful sauce from those brought from Africa and the Caribbean, Barbecue is culinary art that historically embodies America and the American Dream.  


Our passion is to prepare authentic hickory smoked barbecue, paired with traditional down home Southern cooking; recipes and cooking techniques, passed down through generations.


Po Green’s provides you the very best of Southern Cuisine. 

Hickory Smoked Barbecue

Po Green's provides, juicy, tender hickory smoked meats. The meats are then dressed in our very own original barbecue sauce (prepared in house and takes barbecue to the next level).  With our barbecue cooking process paired with our barbecue sauce Po Green's offers you the best in Southern Style Barbecue.  


Buffet Options for any Event or Occasion.

We provide a host of buffet menu options you customize to suit your needs.  


Housemade Southern Style

All of our food and sauces are prepared in house, flavored and seasoned to a taste.  The taste?  Great Southern cooking prepared with the main ingredient "love".


The Art of the Southern American Cooking Culture

Southern food has its own history of being a part of celebrations, public events, childhood memories, food that comforts and food that is made with love.  The background of our company is the pride of being able to serve people with food that we prepare from recipes and methods passed on through generations of cooks that love the art of preparing food that will speak to your soul.  


Why Choose
Po Green's

Our Vision

Providing authentic, quality,  great tasting food

cultivated through American culture.  Being your

dependable food brand with food products that proudly represent Southern American food.   ​Serving the people food that feeds the soul and support causes that save lives.

It takes a village.  We are here to feed, serve, support and spread awareness. ​

"Thank you for your interest in the journey."  

The Green Family

Po Green's is a family business, started by a husband and wife team, Edwin and Anneise Green, who share a love and passion for Southern Cuisine and Hospitality.  Together, they created a menu to provide food that all ages and all people can love and share a memory both old and new. Cooking side by side, the love they have for each other, what they do, and feeding the people created and cultivated the Po Green's experience.  Edwin, also known as Chef Ed and Po Green by many, suffered a brain injury and in 2023 ended his physical walk on this journey.  The family continues to feed souls and provide you the best barbecue this side of the Shenandoah Valley.  With Edwin's spirit covering our path, Po Green's continues the business journey to bringing our food to many. Edwin lives on through the food, service, and commitment to community our company, in his remembrance, provides. 


What Our Clients Say

What can I say. We have used Po' Green's the last three years at our annual Prohibition Event at our home -- usually around 105 attend. Without Po' Green's, the event WOULD NOT be considered the success it is. Not only is the food tremendous, the staff is outstanding. Anneise and Edwin are just good honest hard-working people that work with you to ensure you are pleased. I will continue to use them in the future and I STRONGLY recommend you do the same.

Frank L


We love feeding folks good food. Contact us to start planning your next event.

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