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Providing food to feed your soul.  Dedicated to efforts to save minds. 

Welcome to the Po Greens Experience

The origin of barbecue is dated back to the early 1500’s during the New World Era. Barbecue sauce emerged to add taste and flavor to the pit smoked meats in the 17th century with the early colonization.  As our Flag represents our country and the Bald Eagle our Bird, Barbecue is the food that represents birth of a nation.  With cooking techniques of smoked meat by the Native Americans, to the Mustard and pepper Seeds farmed by Europeans, to the craft of combining fresh, herbs, spices and juices to create basting and flavorful sauce from those brought from Africa and the Caribbean, Barbecue is culinary art that historically embodies America and the American Dream.  


Our passion is to prepare authentic hickory smoked barbecue, paired with traditional down home Southern cooking; recipes and cooking techniques, passed down through generations.


Po Green’s provides you the very best of Southern Cuisine. 

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