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Our team, also known as the "Green Team" is led by a husband and wife team with first hand knowledge and experience of all components of the management breakdown.  Anneise Green is the Front House Manager and Edwin Green is the Back House Manager.


Together, Anneise Green and Edwin Green bring over 20 years of experience in Dining, Catering and Hospitality to this family owned venture.


Representing the very best of Barbecue in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.


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Edwin G. "aka" Chef Ed - HEAD CHEF

Edwin brings the heart and soul to the kitchen with his expertise in creating flavorful, traditional southern inspired dishes.  His first taste of cooking was rooted in his father’s and grandmother’s kitchen on the Mississippi Delta. Edwin developed a passion of food from it’s natural beginnings to the serving of the finished product.  This led him to taking on the teachings of produce and livestock and the many ways to prepare and serve.  He got his first opportunity at the age of 15 in a Shoney’s Diner in Indiana.  This was the beginning of his fruitful journey through 5-Star Country Clubs and Restaurants of Northern Virginia, The Brown Hotel of Louisville, KY, and the Palm Restaurant of Nashville, TN.  Each stop along the journey introduced Edwin to great mentors to enhance his passion and experience while educating him of the culture to develop his signature style. Edwin brings to the management team his expertise in back of the house restaurant management. This along with his passion and the concept of combining his natural gifts to prepare traditional Southern meals and his culinary professional experience to bring forth a unique product makes Edwin accountable for consistency and quality of Po’ Green’s LLC  products and the process from the back of the house to our guests table.  Husband and father of 4, Edwin shares with his wife the same family values and hopes of a legacy that inspires his passion to succeed in making Po’ Green’s a recognized name for Southern Food and Barbecue.  He does this in the name of his father Eddie Lee Green “aka” Po’ Green.


Chef Ed   '19


Anneise  '20

Anneise G.​ - Restaurant Managing Partner, Catering Manager

Anneise brings to Po’ Green’s LLC an accomplished administrative background, ground roots in the restaurant and hospitality industry, customer service experience, and a lifetime passion for Southern food along with services incorporated with a great dining experience.  Anneise has had over 20 years of office management, administrative, customer care, and hospitality experience.   Strength in these categories developed through  public media relations and executive positions within businesses that involved management of books, developing relations and communication with public figures both national and abroad, creating programs and a data base for day to day business running, hospitality and customer service positions,  general office management roles,  and a forever passion for knowledge paired with artistic presentation.  Anneise promotes, teamwork, passion and pride to the atmosphere for all roles needed to successfully operate.  She will wait tables, greet, assist guests, even wash the dishes and floors along side the members of the team.  A wife of twenty plus years and mother of 4, family values and legacy drives Anneise to ensure Po’ Green’s is top notch in services, food and management.  She also loves making home baked desserts for the restaurant.    


Experienced and knowledgeable through hands on learning each role along her career journey prepared Anneise’s accountability to balance capitalizing on new trends and continued quality assessments to make Po’ Green’s LLC a successful venture in the restaurant industry.

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