Po's Sauceline is Born

Updated: Sep 11

Here is what we are currently cooking up! Satisfy your barbecue taste buds or become the barbecue go to because that Po's Barbecue Sauce takes it to the next level. Some sweet heat representing all Southern Style barbecue sauce flavors. Each sauce flavorfully blended bringing it's own unique taste to your next barbecue experience.

Featuring, Po's Original barbecue sauce, sweet, tangy with a kick representing our version of the most known type of barbecue sauce with a touch of Po Green's. Introducing Po's Golden mustard base barbecue sauce, honey flavored with a fiery finish, just a little will change your life. Representing our culture and the origin of barbecue flavor to smoking meats, Po's Carolina barbecue sauce represents the root, heart and soul of the original barbecue. This vinegar base, taste buds popping sauce embodies the rich flavors and goodness of traditional Southern barbecue, originated in the Low Country of South Carolina and homage to the food and flavors our culture and heritage bring to the table of American Cuisine.

All sauce options currently available for the daily menu at our mobile kitchen located at the Heard's Cedar Hill Farm Market in Bentonville, VA. Samples also available because we need to hear from you and see how we are doing as we prepare to take this brand to market. Let us know that sauce is BOSS!

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