Chapter 3: Still Catering and Setting Up for Events.

Po Green's is a family business. Po Green's is a small business. Po Green's is a black owned business. Po Green's is a brand. We started this journey in May of 2014 with a mission to provide for our family, and step out on faith doing so by providing service with food prepared with love and from our roots and soul. It wasn't a traditional start up. Ed was laid off and I had my birthday paycheck. For my birthday we started our business. Po Green's was birthed from a discovery that if we wanted our children to know a better way and know it isn't always about struggle, that we have to plant the seeds and do the work to nurture the soil. Within these six years we have had great times and we have had struggle. All providing valuable knowledge to be better in business and widen the mission and vision. We continue to learn and we continue to grow. We will continue to water the seed with love and care until it is time to harvest. No matter what we will be cooking. We have our future watching us show them how to obtain their portion of the American dream. We are determined to guide them by making sure we do our very best in taking care of you.

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